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CAMSENSE has been listed in the industry list of VENTURE50 for two consecutive years

On January 11, 2023, the list of 2022 Venture50 was finally released. CAMSENSE, with its deep cultivation and technological innovation in the field of visual space positioning, has been listed in the list of "2022 High-tech VENTURE50" for the second time.


Venture50 (V50 for short) was founded in 2006. After more than ten years of development and sublimation, this selection has become a weathervane for the investment of high-growth enterprises. So far, the V50 selection has gathered 10000 entrepreneurial projects, invited hundreds of investment institutions and more than 1000 investors to review, and created a multi-dimensional interactive platform for entrepreneurial enterprises and investment institutions.


Since its establishment in 2014, CAMSENSE has always regarded innovation as the main artery of enterprise development. After years of continuous cultivation and exploration, CAMSENSE has successfully built an industrial solution system with "visual spatial positioning technology" as the core and laser radar, XR spatial positioning system and high-precision positioning system as the carrier to provide scenario-based customized products and technical service support for robot, VR/AR, industrial medical and other industries.


At present, the shipment volume of laser radar independently developed and produced by the company has climbed to the first in the whole bank; The 6DOF VR interactive handle based on CAMSENSE' core algorithm has also successfully entered the stage of mass production and delivery, providing XR interactive positioning technology solutions for relevant VR industry customers. With this series of technological innovation achievements, CAMSENSE has also been successfully selected as a national "specialized and innovative" small giant enterprise in 2022, and has completed a C1 round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan, with increasing influence in the industry.


With the continuous development of the high-tech industry, technological innovation will continue to empower the underlying structure. With the gradual penetration of scientific and technological capacity into the industry, CAMSENSE will also fully mobilize its own technological resources to help more partners create a more digital and intelligent positioning service scenario experience.


CAMSENSE has been listed in the industry list of VENTURE50 for two consecutive years


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