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CAMSENSE appears at the 2024 CES to Explore the Future of Technology Development

From January 9th to 12th local time, the world's largest technology event, the 2024 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2024), is being held in Las Vegas, USA. As an upstream supplier and technology solution provider in the intelligent electronic consumption industry, CAMSENSE made a significant appearance at this industry event with the company's latest products and solutions such as LiDAR, VR/AR controllers, spatial positioning and tracking systems.

CAMSENSE showcased multiple LiDAR products at this exhibition, including the main models D2, T2, and L2, as well as the latest D3 series triangular LiDAR released this year. This product adopts CAMSENSE' self-developed core chip, which comprehensively improves the distance measurement accuracy at the algorithm level. At the same time, it optimizes and processes interference in different materials and abnormal environments, greatly improving the quality of point clouds, which provides the industry's ultimate cost-effective choice for navigation and obstacle avoidance applications of robot products such as sweepers.

With years of accumulated advantages in the industry chain and industry resilience, CAMSENSE's LiDAR series has firmly established itself as a leading supplier in the industry. The annual shipment volume has been continuously increasing for many years, and its stable and reliable mass production and delivery capabilities have been widely recognized by the industry. In addition to LiDAR, CAMSENSE also brings products and solutions such as the 6DOF VR controller and high-precision positioning system, fully demonstrating CAMSENSE' years of algorithm research and technological accumulation in the field of visual spatial positioning.

In order to better enable customers to understand the company's technology, CAMSENSE dispatched a heavyweight elite team to provide on-site support at this exhibition, providing a detailed introduction to the company's products and solutions, and jointly exploring the broad prospects and future challenges of the robot and VR market.


CAMSENSE appears at the 2024 CES to Explore the Future of Technology Development


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