High-precision monocular spatial positioning algorithm
and corresponding chip and sensor module

Ordinary consumer-grade original
area array consumer-grade Sensor
Unique algorithm
ASIC chip
· High performance    · Low cost    · No risk in patent

Camsense® HPP SDK

High-precision positioning algorithm

Camsense® HPP SDK is a set of industry-leading infrared optical positioning algorithms based on independent intellectual property rights, built into the company's chips and sensors.

Camsense® C1

High-performance ASIC image processing chip

Camsense® C1 is a high-performance and low-cost ASIC image processing chip with completely independent intellectual property rights. It contains a high-speed image processing engine and can support image processing up to 4K resolution and 3000FPS. It supports multiple types of CMOS sensors with different resolutions and sampling accuracy to meet the needs of different scenarios, which can replace imported chips and reduce costs. Application scenarios include lidar ranging, 3D scanning, etc.

Camsense® C2

High-performance ASIC image processing chip second generation

Camsense® C2 has been further upgraded and optimized on the basis of C1, and has been greatly improved in functions and applicable scenarios. C2 has stronger computing power, higher real-time performance, reliability and higher availability.