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CAMSENSE Releases 6DOF VR ontroller Solution

On November 12-13, the 2022 World VR Industry Conference was held in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. On the afternoon of the 13th, the promotion meeting of MR solution jointly sponsored by CAMSENSE and EmdoorVR was also held at Nanchang. The conference aims to build a new ecology of VR industry and create new business value together with industry partners through the 2022 World VR Industry Conference. Kun Zhou, CEO of CAMSENSE, Qing Shi , CEO of EmdoorVR, and other industry partners from Qualcomm, Dapeng, etc. jointly attended the meeting.

As an important frontier direction of new generation information technology, VR leads the future of digital economy. At the meeting, industry leaders from Qualcomm, CAMSENSE and EmdoorVR all shared their views based on the development trend and cutting-edge technology of VR industry. Kun Zhou, CEO of CAMSENSE, also delivered a keynote speech on "VRAR interactive technology development trend" to the guests. Kun Zhou mentioned in his speech that interaction technology, as the most important component of VR products, is the most important link to improve product experience and content experience. Among the current VR interaction technologies, the halo controller interaction is still the mainstream solution. Kun Zhou also shared his personal views on the industry trend on the spot about the future evolution trend of the interactive product form, which triggered a heated discussion.

In addition to the industry trend sharing and discussion, the meeting also showed the latest technical achievements of CAMSENSE and EmdoorVR in the MR field. Based on years of technical research and algorithm accumulation in the field of visual spatial positioning technology, CAMSENSE has made remarkable achievements in the interactive positioning scheme of 6DOF VR controller, and its self-developed overall hardware solution for VR application was officially unveiled in the event. Based on Qualcomm's XR2 platform, this scheme has the performance advantage of leading the whole industry in terms of anti electromagnetic interference, data transmission, position and attitude positioning and tracking, power consumption, etc.


According to Fengjiao Wang, the product manager of CAMSENSE, who introduced that the controller uses an ultra wide frequency linear motor to achieve real tactile simulation and vibration effect feedback through a wider range of motor frequencies, allowing users to have a richer immersion experience in use. In terms of product endurance, high-quality devices with low contact resistance are used. The maximum current of the controller is only 35mA when it works, and the endurance time can reach more than 50h. It realizes high transmission signal quality and reduces power consumption, reaching the leading level in the industry. CAMSENSE's advantages in algorithm have also been fully applied in the XR field. It not only ensures the real-time pose update and system stability of the  controller through depth algorithm optimization, but also develops a targeted relocation algorithm to meet the repeated rapid relocation requirements of the controller in actual work. At the same time, CAMSENSE has also improved the anti-interference ability of the controller according to the simulation of different environments, and can also achieve accurate tracking of the controller in complex scenes to reduce abnormalities.


At the end of the round table forum, Qing Shi , CEO of EmdoorVR, Kun Zhou , CEO of CAMSENSE, Zou Hongyu, products director of DPVR , and Xiang Zheng, CEO of Aiwell, gathered together to share their demand insights and development views based on different levels in a multi-dimensional way around XR one-stop solutions, which guided the direction of technological integration and symbiosis in the XR industry.

This press conference is an important part of CAMSENSE's strategy of deepening the VR market, aiming to bring new innovation to VR interactive experience technology, and then guide the high-quality development of the industry. In addition,CAMSENSE's innovation and exploration in the main business - Lidar - is also steadily advancing, and constantly consolidating its own advantages to become bigger and stronger. In the future, CAMSENSE will expand more application scenarios for visual spatial positioning technology through the parallel mode of dual business lines, provide more cost-effective technical services and product support for industry customers in embracing the era and technology, and promote the industry to accelerate the realization of commercial win-win.


CAMSENSE Releases 6DOF VR ontroller Solution


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