About Camsense

About Camsense

— Expert in visual spatial positioning —

Vision Sensor

It is a rigid demand for social industrialization and intelligence

  • Service robot industry

    Real-time positioning and navigation is the key technology of mobile robots.

  • AR/VR field

    Real-time visual positioning and tracking of the target is the core foundation for enhancing the AR/VR experience.

  • Industrial measurement field

    In the R&D, production, and inspection of drones and robots, a high-precision inspection system is required to calibrate the products.

  • Medical field

    In computer-aid surgery, it is necessary to accurately measure the three-dimensional space position of the scalpel to cooperate with computer-assisted imaging to complete the operation.

As industrial leader in vision spatial positioning,
Camsense is committed to rank top globally in
computer vision spatial positioning.

In the future, Camsense will focus more on this industry chain, promote the expansion
of more fields, and become the "soul" of the development of the artificial intelligence industry.