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Longteng Little Giant Episode 27 | CAMSENSE: A Unicorn for Visual Space Positioning

As a national level specialized and innovative "little giant" enterprise that just settled in Longhua District last year, CAMSENSE has effectively enjoyed the rental support policy in Longhua District. Located next to the Shenzhen North station, the office environment on the whole floor of the office building is spacious and simple. In the clean and tidy office, we met Zhou Kun, the founder and CEO of Huanchuang Technology, who is elegant and easy-going. A pleasant exchange and interview started here.

Reaching VR/AR again, "Camsense" completed nearly 100 million yuan of C1 round financing

36Kr Guangdong learned that Shenzhen Camsense Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Camsense"), a developer of high-precision positioning vision sensors, recently announced that it had completed a C1 round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan. The leading investor was Tongge Venture Capital, with the investment of HTC's industrial fund and Smartcitysz under SASAC . This round of financing will be used for VR/AR field layout.

Camsense's Short-range Positioning LiDAR Driving the Popularity of Service Robots

With vacuum robots industry booming in the market and functional innovation accelerating, Camsense specializes in providing high-performance, low-threshold lidar solutions, and is committed to innovate multi-scene high-precision spatial positioning technology.

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