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Camsense Visiting Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce

On September 19, 2018, Lin Hui, Executive Chairman of Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce, and Deputy to the Provincial People’s Congress, and Fan Ying, Executive Secretary General, extended a warm welcome to Camsense’s CEO Christopher and his delegation.

Camsense's CEO Christopher introduced the company's operation and development history to the leaders of the association, and thanked the Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce for its attention and attention to Camsense. Chairman Lin affirmed and praised the achievements of Camsense in the past few years, and hoped that the two sides will strengthen cooperation by taking advantage of their respective advantages to jointly promote the development of the enterprise.

Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce was established in December 2005. It is composed of the top entrepreneurs in Shenzhen. It is a mutually beneficial and non-profit organization for the purpose of providing high-end services. It is an influential comprehensive chamber of commerce in China.


Camsense Visiting Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce


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