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Camsense®M Pro Delivered to CTI Successfully

Today, Camsense officially handed over the Camsense®M Pro product to CTI Group for acceptance and delivery.

▲ Delivery completed

In 2017, in the global bidding for the robot spatial positioning system of CTI Group, Camsense won the bid in one fell swoop. It is used to detect the six-degree-of-freedom spatial position and attitude of UAVs and robots, and can also be used to measure key indicators such as the coverage rate of sweeping robots. Camsense®M Pro, designed based on the principles of machine vision, came into being.

In recent years, machine vision, known as "automated eyes", has been widely used in artificial intelligence, industrial intelligence, scientific research and national defense construction. Mainly used in industrial environments, machine vision uses computer software to quantitatively analyze images. It has the advantages of real-time, reliability and high accuracy, and has good economic benefits for mass production.

▲Camsense®M Pro

Camsense®M Pro is a real-time visual-spatial tracking system that adopts a non-contact and non-destructive full-range observation method, which is very safe and reliable, which is unmatched by other methods. Secondly, Camsense®M Pro can detect a wide range of objects, which can realize real-time accurate motion tracking and pose acquisition of objects in large indoor spaces. The technology expands the scope of human vision and eliminates many objective factors that make the detection more realistic.

[CTI Favors - Serving Professional Testing Institutions]

"The detection 'ruler' of professional experiments, establishing a new standard for detection"

There are currently 30,000 testing institutions in China. Each institution has laboratories distributed across the country according to different sizes. Among them, there are nearly 60 testing institutions with relatively strong strength. They all have the ability to purchase advanced equipment. Two of them China Test Group, one of the A-share listed companies, is one of the leaders, and its standards for measuring equipment are also second to none in China. First-class standards must be matched with top-level technologies. With its sub-millimeter positioning accuracy, Camsense won the bid in the 2017 CTI Group's global tender. With the affirmation of a benchmarking company like CTI, Camsense has gradually established its own position in the domestic precision measurement field, and has been favored by more and more major measurement companies at home and abroad.

▲On-site photo of CTI laboratory (Picture 2)

[Aerospace Manufacturing - Camsense Overcomes the Highest Threshold of Manufacturing]

"There are tens of thousands of screws on the plane, and each one has to be precisely positioned without any difference"

Not only that, Camsense is currently cooperating with COMAC to provide high-precision positioning systems for industrial robots in the field of aircraft manufacturing. The successful application of this complete set of testing equipment to the aerospace industry, which has the highest manufacturing threshold, is a manifestation of Camsense's efforts to overcome the highest threshold and open up the best possibilities for its own products. This recognition is undoubtedly at the strategic level of Camsense. Again for sure!

In the past, most of the parts measurement and positioning systems on the aircraft needed to be purchased from foreign manufacturers, which would definitely be limited and affect the improvement of China's aircraft manufacturing level. With the Camsense sub-millimeter precision positioning technology, the auxiliary representative of China's manufacturing industry is the highest. The standard COMAC production of domestic aircraft is believed to be a good thing at the level of national glory.

【Camsense——Gold Leader in Machine Vision】

"Machine vision has never been underestimated in manufacturing"

Under the trend of more and more sophisticated technologies such as service robots, unmanned driving, unmanned aerial vehicles, and artificial intelligence, the benefits brought by machine vision technology to various fields cannot be underestimated. Behind this is the industry's set standards and standards for the new testing industry, and it is also a manifestation of the growing demand. According to statistics, the scale of China's machine vision market in 2015 was 6.12 billion yuan. By 2020, the market size will reach 15.2 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth rate of 28.57%. Although my country's machine vision industry started late, it has developed rapidly and has become the third largest machine vision market in the world after the United States and Japan. It can be said that the machine vision market has ushered in a golden period for the development of the domestic industry.

"This is not only a golden period in China, but also an opportunity for my country to turn around in independent innovation," said Christopher, CEO of Camsense's. It is no exaggeration to say that if we are left behind in the field of machine vision, we may be subject to foreign countries again in the future, and we can only become foreign machine vision upper secondary application developers and product agents, and the cost is high, not only unable to complete the transformation of domestic manufacturing. Upgrade, let alone smart manufacturing.


Camsense®M Pro Delivered to CTI Successfully


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