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Camsense®M Pro Industrial Inspection Project Completed

A few days ago, Camsense completed the construction of the Camsense®M Pro industrial inspection project for the 360 Robot Lab.

On September 30, 2018, Camsense used the Camsense® M Pro system to build a "360 Robot Inspection Laboratory" for 360. It is used to measure the six-degree-of-freedom space position and attitude, coverage and other key indicators of service robots.

360 Robot Inspection Laboratory is a laboratory dedicated to artificial intelligence product inspection established by 360. It has various performance inspection capabilities such as the function, comprehensive performance, safety performance and process performance of the entire robot and its core components. Several comprehensive inspections of the functions and performances of several major series of robots and robot products covering industrial, mobile, service, etc.

The official operation of the 360 Robot Testing Laboratory is believed to make the robots produced by 360 in the future more intelligent and closer to life, and promote the development of my country's artificial intelligence industry.

▲Camsense®M Pro

Camsense®M Pro is a real-time visual space tracking system that adopts a non-contact and non-destructive full-range observation method with an accuracy of sub-millimeter level. During the detection process, the detection error can be reduced to a greater extent, and the attention to details is beneficial to the robot's own positioning and path planning.

Secondly, Camsense®M Pro can detect a wide range of objects, which can realize real-time accurate motion tracking and pose acquisition of objects in large indoor spaces. This technology expands the scope of human vision and eliminates many objective factors. , making the detection more realistic.

In recent years, machine vision, known as "automatic eyes", has been widely used in artificial intelligence, industrial intelligence, scientific research and national defense construction, and has good economic benefits for mass production in the industrial field. I believe that in the near future, it will usher in its golden moment.


Camsense®M Pro Industrial Inspection Project Completed


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