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Camsense Graduating from Tencent AI Accelerator Project

On July 21, 2017, Shenzhen Camsense Technology Co., Ltd. stood out from thousands of entrepreneurial projects after a three-month selection and was officially selected into the first phase of Tencent AI Accelerator.

On April 11, 2018, the first Tencent AI Accelerator graduation ceremony was held in Chongqing. After 9 months of acceleration, the overall valuation of 25 domestic and 4 overseas entrepreneurial trainee companies including Camsense has increased from 7 billion to more than 20 billion, an increase of nearly three times. 's transcript. Among them, Camsense has won the recognition of many capitals and enterprises with its cost-effective spatial positioning and identification system, and was awarded the "Tencent AI Accelerator's Most Influential Enterprise".

Since it was selected as the Tencent AI Accelerator last year, Camsense has received Tencent's help in technology, resources, mentors, markets, investment resources, etc., and has continued to accelerate its improvement. The overall development of the company has made a great leap, and it was completed in December 2017. Tens of millions of Series A financing.

Camsense has been focusing on the research and development of high-precision spatial positioning and ranging products, and is committed to providing cost-effective spatial positioning and position tracking systems for VR, industry, medical, robotics and other industries to solve high-precision positioning problems. Camsense is the second company in the world to use a monocular to realize a three-dimensional spatial positioning system. Its spatial positioning and identification tracking system is mainly composed of a hardware multi-function camera independently developed by Huanchuang Technology and an embedded software algorithm. Through the optimization of software algorithms, Camsense can use low-cost, customized hardware chips and sensor chips to achieve high-precision, high-reliability positioning and tracking. Compared with the Oculus Rift with similar solutions, Camsense's products are superior to the Oculus solution in terms of average displacement error, average rotation angle error, average displacement jitter, and average rotation angle jitter, and the cost of hardware components is lower. 

At present, Camsense continues to innovate and improve high-performance spatial positioning algorithms, ranking first in technical indicators in the global bidding for spatial positioning systems of iQIYI, CTI, and COMAC. Based on this, Camsense will rapidly develop into the fields of industrial, medical and service robots, and is committed to providing more efficient solutions for its precise positioning.


Camsense Graduating from Tencent AI Accelerator Project



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