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Technology Innovation, X Series LiDAR Camsense X2 Officially Released

Following the star product Camsense X1 in the field of sweeping robot, Camsense (Shenzhen Camsense Co., Ltd.) has recently launched its latest model of LiDAR Camsense X2.

Compared with X1, on the one hand, X2 continues to use Camsense's self-developed high-speed image processing ASIC chip Camsense® C1 to control the cost; on the other hand, X2 is smaller in size, which gives end-users more room and possibility to design the internal structure of the sweeping robot. On the one hand, the X2 continues to use Camsense's self-developed high-speed image processing ASIC, Camsense® C1, to control costs; on the other hand, the X2 is more compact in size, which gives end manufacturers more design space and possibilities for the internal structure of the sweeping robot.

With a sampling frequency of up to 3000Hz, Camsense X2 can provide a more accurate environmental scanning profile than the LIDAR commonly used in the field of floor sweeping robots, making it easier to identify small objects in the range, which can easily improve the range, positioning, and obstacle avoidance capabilities of floor sweeping robots.

Camsense X2 measurement accuracy <2.5%, can achieve millimeter-level measurement accuracy, real-time reflection of changes in the scanning environment. x2 height is only 37.1mm, can be applied to all kinds of service robots, especially for its own space requirements are very compact sweeping robot, is undoubtedly the best choice. Camsense X2 is basically the highest configuration of domestic monocular structured light ranging LIDAR in terms of performance index data performance.

The release of camsense X2 can be said to be Camsense in the field of LIDAR another new height, as a high-performance monocular structured light ranging LIDAR, how exactly the price? According to the person in charge of Camsense, the price of Camsense X2 is only about one-third of its industry average compared to the same level in the industry. It is easy to see that Camsense has been insisting on practicing the concept of "making LIDAR low cost".

However, in terms of low cost in the industry, LIDAR mostly adopts the way of slip ring to power and communicate with the rotating body, but the life time of slip ring is relatively short, only about 1000 hours, so the life time of the whole LIDAR is affected. Camsense X2 adopts wireless power supply method, its life span will be up to 3-5 years, which can fully meet the renewal frequency of a family for small appliances.

According to the person in charge of X2 project, the miniaturization of LiDAR is a great benefit for the industry, but it is a difficult thing for the entrants. Adhering to the corporate philosophy of "innovation", Camsense faced the bottleneck of the industry and innovated through years of technical precipitation in the field of monocular vision, and finally not only achieved the miniaturization of the product, but also improved the performance index of the product (compared with Camsense X1). I believe that Camsense, even as a late comer, will eventually occupy the market with quality.

It is understood that Camsense has entered the LiDAR industry for three years, and has quickly occupied a large market share of LiDAR in the field of floor sweepers with its star product Camsense X1, which has become the head supplier in the industry. From Camsense in the lidar sensor segment business, the launch of Camsense X series of products is not difficult to find, Camsense has always insisted on taking the line of high quality and price ratio road, is the practitioner of lidar low price, but also the pioneer of the industry.

For the launch of the small LiDAR Camsense X2, Camsense founder Christopher commented: "X2 is not only an improvement in product performance, but also an extension of the X1 product customer coverage, the introduction of X2 will cover more terminal sweeper brands, further increase Camsense's market share in LiDAR, thus helping to popularize the sweeper robot market.


Technology Innovation, X Series LiDAR Camsense X2 Officially Released


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