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Camsense's Secret to Capacity Recovery

At present, there are many positive signals for the prevention and control of the new pneumonia epidemic in China. Since February 10, more and more enterprises in the premise of good prevention and control of the epidemic, the orderly resumption of production, those in the upper reaches of the industrial chain "engine" - production plants have pressed the "acceleration button ".

The steady resumption of factory work, for the hard technology industry, means the guarantee of shipments. The hard technology industry is different from the virtual world represented by the Internet, the final form of the product is based on physical objects, the need for production plants to complete the mass production, "engine" rotation, the direct impact of the hard technology companies shipments.

Camsense is a typical hard technology representative company, focusing on the development of high-precision positioning vision sensors, aiming to provide core technology and product support for various artificial intelligence applications. In the case of its LiDAR products in the field of sweeping robots, for example, whether shipments can come on depends entirely on the factory's capacity recovery.

It is reported that as early as the beginning of the epidemic outbreak, Camsense has been prepared for the rainy days. The company has set up an epidemic response team, formulated a specific epidemic prevention plan, prepared epidemic prevention materials to ensure the resumption of work and production, and set up an executive team to grasp the daily activity trajectory and health status of each employee.

Although sufficient preparations were made in the early stage of resuming work, productivity is the key to resume production capacity.

In the early stage of Camsense's official resumption of work, although it was able to ensure the progress of product development, the downstream production chain was faced with similar problems as most enterprises: 1.

1, factory staff arrival rate low percentage, even in the case of exponential growth in labor costs, but still can not recruit people, production capacity can not go up.

2、Separation of personnel leads to strict logistics control, which indirectly affects material production and logistics transportation costs.

3, because some employees failed to return to work in Hubei, there is a situation that skilled workers are not to novice operations, which has a greater pressure on the quality control.

In this regard, Camsense actively respond.

On the one hand, the production of material supply to establish a corresponding emergency mechanism management. According to the person in charge of the procurement department of Camsense, as the company has reached a reserve agreement with various suppliers in 2019, most of the production materials are in certain reserve and can meet the company's needs; with the globalization of the epidemic spreading, we also made a prediction in advance, and arranged the reserve for the materials that need to be purchased from abroad, such as Korea, Japan and other epidemic areas at the first time. However, because of the impact of the epidemic, the increase in transportation and labor costs will inevitably lead to an increase in the price of some raw materials, so the procurement department is now mainly in the two aspects of material security supply and cost reduction to do more in-depth and detailed work to ensure the normal supply of production materials at source.

On the other hand, Camsense has put half of its "own people" on the production line to take on the dual role of product manufacturing and quality control under the current situation of insufficient manpower in the factory. The head of Camsense's quality department told us that the successful "onboarding" was due to the fact that we had predicted that there would definitely be a shortage of manpower in the factory, so we conducted online skills training for our own personnel who could be confirmed to return to work, and understood in advance the quality areas that were not covered before, so that they could take on more work, participate in various tasks and maintain good internal communication after returning to work. During the month of the return to work, the company's production has slowly returned to normal and the quality can be effectively monitored.

(Due to the epidemic, the site could not be photographed, this picture was taken before the Chinese New Year)

According to the vice president of Camsense manufacturing center, "At present, our LiDAR production capacity is steadily recovering, and with the improvement of the epidemic, we believe that the production capacity will soon be on par with the previous year and achieve normal delivery."

As the "world factory", China's supply chain is globally embedded, and the impact of the epidemic on Chinese manufacturing companies will gradually spread around the world. Since the spread of the epidemic, many manufacturing companies in Shenzhen have been able to achieve smooth resumption of production and efficient delivery, not only because of government policy support, but also because of the company's long-term cultivation of crisis response and risk management capabilities.


Camsense's Secret to Capacity Recovery


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