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Camsense Receiving Prestigious Media Award for Best Barrier Growth in "AI+Robot"

The third annual "AI Best Growth List" competition, launched by Thunderbird in May, has recently released its list of winners. Among them, Camsense, which focuses on monocular vision technology, won the Best Barrier Growth Award in the field of "AI+Robot".

It is reported that after a month of intensive evaluation by the expert judges, the scope of the award covers the most popular IoT, robotics, chips and other 12 fields and 5 directions, and finally selected 60 representative AI companies with the most growth potential in terms of product capability, technical capability, commercial value, digital reform and new infrastructure background.

According to the statistics of Lei Feng, 452 AI startups were nominated and applied for the list of "AI Best Growth List". The fact that Camsense stood out and won the Best Barrier Growth is the result of years of deep plowing in the field of monocular vision technology.

Camsense has been dedicated to the development of high-precision positioning vision sensors since its inception, aiming to provide core technology and product support for various AI applications. So far, Camsense has completely independent intellectual property rights of the core algorithm and chip (32 invention patents applied for, 14 authorized), and is the first company in China with monocular large space sub-millimeter level positioning accuracy capability, its products are widely used in robotics, VR/AR, industrial/medical and other fields.

In the field of robotics, Camsense has launched a series of LIDAR products for service robots by using technological innovation and downscaling. With the advantage of high quality and price ratio, Camsense has rapidly occupied the market and become the head supplier of LIDAR in the field of floor sweeping robots.

The reason why Camsense can quickly occupy the market is inseparable from innovation. On the one hand, Camsense developed its own ASIC chip, which is exclusively used in the LIDAR Camsense® X1. As a result, Camsense's LIDAR products are all based on its self-developed image processing ASIC chip + surface-mounted consumer sensor chip, which can avoid the use of costly general-purpose FPGA chips and improve the assembly difficulty during mass production. This makes Camsense the only company in the market to mass-produce surface-mounted sensor distance measurement products.

On the other hand, Camsense® X1 is equipped with Camsense's industry original image processing algorithm, which adaptively divides a field into multiple linear sub-regions, enabling a vertical field of view of 30-40 degrees and a frame rate of over 2000Hz. downstream customers to save 40% of the cost.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that in the VR/AR field, Camsense explores the new high ground of technology again and launches the Inside-out based monocular vision 6DoF interaction technology solution, becoming the fourth company in the world after Oculus, Microsoft and HTC to provide independent intellectual property rights of VR/AR monocular vision 6DoF interaction technology.

In the future, Camsense will definitely innovate and accumulate in technology, will build a higher moat and bring more surprises to the market.


Camsense Receiving Prestigious Media Award for Best Barrier Growth in "AI+Robot"


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