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Lieyun Net Release | Two Round Financing in Three Months, Camsense Shows Great Potential to the World

Recently, Camsense announced the completion of nearly 100 million yuan B + round financing. Following the beginning of the year, it has just completed the RMB financing, this is the second financing of Camsense within three months. Christopher, The Founder of Camsense said that fast financing can be obtained, on the one hand, since capital has been deeply understood in the laser radar track and track; on the other hand, Camsense has been upgraded to head suppliers, there is in the industry. Sufficient visibility.

Chip R & D needs to pay huge funding costs, and fast financing is a strong support for the blood veins. It is also one of the core competitiveness of the future battle.

CAMSENSE was established in December 2013. The current laser radar product has been recorded in a single month of nearly 200,000 yuan. It is revealed that the next two or three months, single month shipments will be doubled, and its main application Sweeping robot. Up to now, Camsense has completed six rounds of financing, and the Oriental Fuhai is the old shareholder of the five consecutive rounds. The previous shareholders also include Chenhui venture capital, Puhua Capital, a village capital, Nanling Fund and China Airlines International Investment. There are many genes including special speculators to give support on Camsense scenes.

The use of fundraising is mainly in two aspects, one is to improve the ability of chip research and development, including introducing higher-end technical talents and supply chain talents from the outside world, and the second is to enhance the company's manufacturing capabilities.

Laser radar is a product design and manufacturing, light is designed, no stable batch manufacturing is not sufficient to constitute enough advantages, but this is also a challenging thing, distinguishing from electronic product manufacturing, it involves a lot of optical, The process of mechanical and electronic circuits, to build an advanced manufacturing line, need to invest sufficient funds.

Performance Growth for Three Consecutive Years

The capital is cold, the industry is backward, and Christopher recalls that the 2017 scene is full of emotions. "The past capital does not care about this industry, because the experience of household robots is very poor, and judging the development of this industry will not be so fast or not so good."

But now, Camsense financing is constantly, and can quickly get the capital affirmation, and have been in the past. "The rapid development of the industry is surprising."

The rapid development of the industry brings growth bonus in the whole industry, making the Camsense performance in the industry, growing up three consecutive years.

However, Camsense can get good performance in addition to the industry dividend, there are other two reasons.

The first is to choose the laser radar infrastructure of self-developed self-produced. Christopher said that when you enter your home robot, the universal perceptual technology is to do with low-cost inertial or navigation, so that the household robot is low, but the experience is poor. Laser radar is the best product performance and effectiveness, but it is also the highest cost. At that time, many people judged that the laser radar can only be present as a high-end machine, because the cost can't go. Later, it turned out that the laser radar route has achieved huge development.

Second, Camsense has realized the differentiation of the product through technological innovation. This is also the core competitiveness due to the differentiation of technology. Technical differentiation realizes significant differences between its products and other products, and then forms the cost difference between the product, making it stand out.

In just three years, Camsense has now raised, promoted to the head supplier of the industry.

And behind this is mainly competitive in the product.

Camsense has a chip research and development capability that does not have a goal, which enables the product more features. The first is a higher reliability, which can resist the harsh environment such as falling, exercise and high and low temperature; second is the versatility of the product, through the chip, can enhance its flexibility, suitable for different fields and scenarios.

In the industry, other enterprises are basically industrial-grade linear Sensor plus DSP-equipped chips, and Camsense has developed manufacturing production ASIC chips, which can control the chip cost more well, design the best price ratio.

At the same time, this program advantage is more embodied in this year's "refinement". Due to the restricted industrial supply chain production, many manufacturers in the industry are grabbing orders, even for their own orders. As a result, the customer has to find another supplier to meet his requirements.

Previously, Camsense predicted the structured contradiction of the entire production period this year, so in advance of millions of chips this year in the fourth quarter of last year. Since the measures have been taken in advance, Camsense is avoided from the chip process from this year's impact.

"Our purchasing department focuses on the company. Did not work with the same vise, the purchase department ran to the supplier to go to the supplier, grab the goods." This is the obvious situation that Christopher feels this year. Through this "deficiencies", Christopher expects industry players to bring a very large change or shuffle this year.

In such a large environment, Camsense showed its own advantage and hit the chase.

Speaking of the chip, we often put the chip's perspective on the electronic products of mobile phones, cars, etc. Is what considerations are based on.

Christopher said to the Huntai.com, in fact, everyone will be a small scanning robot scene, which is not small. Last year, the global sweeping robot was close to 30 million units, and there were also vacuum cleaners that were close to the sweeping robot. Total to reach the whole world, he expects the robot to sweep the robot within 5 years will approach hundreds of millions of scale.

Once the size is reached, this scene is going to do more. "Only in the sensor, there is a need for a variety of new design, such as obstacle identification, close to cliff detection, etc., it is still very big. Therefore, we are not just a laser radar." He said If you make a leader in the industry, it is entirely possible to reach billions of sales in the year.

As a technology company, the most important thing is to find a scene, combined with the scene to release technology potential, but also find more landing scenarios will not only expand revenue, but also build a stronger moat.

In addition to the layout of the mobile robot, Camsense also explores its visual positioning technology in other fields, such as human machine interaction between Ar, VR.

In recent years, Ar, VR topics have been indifferent, and now they are beginning to keep back, including the industry, will also be introduced next year, Apple will launch the first AR glasses, and domestic companies are also constantly exploring this field. For the Camsense of the main visual space technology, this is a market that is worth looking forward to, on the eve of the outbreak.

In order to release better development potential, Camsense will quickly let Ar, VR, and open a new situation for the company.

In addition, Camsense is also looking for a suitable scene in the industrial application market, including medical technology, high-precision positioning cameras, aircraft manufacturing or industrial detection fields have also landed.

However, the development speed is still slower than the previous two. In Christopher's strategy, he is not anxious, he matches the three-level rocket of the company's development of the application image of these three scenes. The robot is a primary component, VR, AR is the secondary rocket, industry and medical is a three-stage rocket. Each level is different, which can bring continuous operations to the company, which is the future Camsense business route.

Christopher said that Camsense can visit capital market in the next few years.

However, he said that the route of the company may not be the same as some domestic AI companies. Due to the more solid progress and get stable business income, it has differentiated companies that add sexy stories on the background.

In this year, in these years, the overall capital environment has been greatly different. Many AI companies do not usher in a good ending, or if they are either breakdown. Due to the excessive heat of the first-level market, the actual development of these companies and his valuation have seriously deprecated, and finally formed a very embarrassing situation. Nowadays, there is a former car, many technology companies have also realized this problem, which has a clearer judgment on the company. This is the case.

"We still go forward and go forward, according to the most common business logic, make this business to make money, do the heads in the field and respect, and profit models can be sustainable, we believe This is healthy. "

In terms of shareholders, Christopher said that investors have not had too much pressure on Camsense. He said that investors also know that the results of pursuing listing will lead to excessive attention to short-term benefits, and then ignore the long-term development of the company's long-term development, which is a seedlings to help. "All our investors told me that I hope to be able to get rid of the market."


Lieyun Net Release | Two Round Financing in Three Months, Camsense Shows Great Potential to the World


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