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What's in Camsense to make it become the Capital's Choice?

Two rounds of financing three months, selling more than 500,000 units in one year, what is this company in the capital?

In 2020, the global Robots Vacuum market shipments reached 2000-30 million. As Robots Vacuum increased significantly in global market shipments, the upstream of this flourishing industry chain was also favored by many capital attention.

On April 25, the visual spatial positioning technology provider Camsense officially announced the completion of B + round financing, B + rounds and B-round financing a total of more than 100 million yuan, two rounds of financing time intervals, but only three months.

When the reporter asked the three months behind two cumulative reasons behind the financing, Christopher, the Founder of Camsense said confidently, essentially the recognition of Camsense business model.

▍ Success in Business Model

It is understood that in 2020, Camsense sold more than 500,000 laser radar. At present, the first, the world's first, the second world, the world. In just 3 years, Camsense achieved 300% of shipments growth, this result is undoubtedly shocked.

Simply similar to many upstream core parts manufacturers, simply, in the past years, we have adhered to independent research and development and manufacturing and sales of high-precision positioning sensors. With the hard product quality, the market recognition, and transform themselves into the market And scale advantages, continuous iterative products form a benign circulation, thus constructing commercial moat.

This kind of compact planting is a corporate structure, which is very obvious, which is stable and reliable. Christopher, The Founder of Camsense believes that this is also just the mainstream thinking of the current investment: better resistance to future uncertainty.

Also is a more typical product in the cleaning market, Robots Vacuum has an extremely obvious rising space from the market capacity of about 100 million units compared to the vacuum cleaner and washing machine, from the market capacity, and the future downstream The potential is still huge. As a technical provider and manufacturer of Robots Vacuum, the technical provider and manufacturer of key components can continue to prove their own technology, capacity and quality control capacity to maintain competitiveness, and Camsense has gains financing.

▍ Scale Advantage to Create Barriers

The manufacturing model of this branching sales in the core component is very easy to understand, but it is not easy to imitate, in which the product is a big problem. In the face of 2019-2020, the Robots Vacuum industry is so high, how can Camsenses can control their capacity and product yield?

Christopher, The Founder of Camsense refers to the reporter that due to the sharp increase in shipping demand, it is different from the traditional enterprise foundry production model. In the face of a large number of orders, Camsense has taken the practice of Huawei in the mobile phone, that is, depth intervention Production manufacturing foundry mode. In this mode, the foundry does not intervene in production details, only the industrial production workers and venues are provided, and the supplier's materials are qualified and processed according to the tooling fixture, test software, manufacturing process and inspection standards provided by Camsense.

Since Camsense is directly specified procurement, development and certification for special equipment, production operation guidance software and raw material supplier, and has formed a unified standard, and there is a unified standard, and therefore, the foundry will only perform Camsense decisions and requirements for production and processing. At the same time, Camsense is still in a considerable number of quality and engineering staff, on-site supervision, and strict controlling production processes, which fully guarantees the quality of product quality and improves the product quality.

This series of production control policies, plus the decrease in industry costs, so that Camsense is later in the industry, but successfully hosted. And the advantages of this market have gradually expanded, due to large-scale shipments, bringing large-scale market barriers to Camsense.

"Because laser radar is different from other electronic products, it is a precision electronic product that is optically integrated. Therefore, products must not only be able to develop, but also have the ability to consistency in consistency. And our original technology Program and depth interventional foundry models play a key role in the manufacture of our products. "Chritopher said.

Laser radar as a core component of Robots Vacuum, in a mature market development stage, this market threshold is often higher than the technical advantage and product quality threshold. Because there are fewer enterprises to be a new technology, this greatly increases the difficulty of customers promoted, and the pioneers such as Camsense have formed higher industry barriers through capacity and scale advantages.

This market advantage also reversed Camsense's products and technology for upgrading and iteration, forming a benign barrier iteration and improvement of spiral rise.

▍ The Secret of Technical Innovation

From the technical route, Camsense is currently all the Robot laser radar manufacturers, the only ASIC chip solution with the self-developed design of the SENSOR to achieve the company's laser radar company, CAMSENSE peers selected technology route, often All industrial grade linear Sensor plus universal DSP chips.

In the two-phase contrast, the veatron Sensor plus the advantages of self-research design ASIC chip this unique technology route is multifaceted, such as high product reliability, product cost is reduced, and product supply is more secure. CAMSENSE is integrated into self-developed ASIC chips with core algorithm, and this high integration itself has brought very strong technical barriers, and with the patent system, it has formed its own technology moat.

With this technological innovation, early Camsense has opened the market very well.

360 is the first laser radar customer in early Camsense. Chritopher mentioned that in 2018, Chritopher attracted 360 The reason for choosing Camsense laser radar lies in that the 360 in the field of Robots Vacuum, the core appeal is to create a good reliability, but the price is more competitive, the innovative product, Cut the market quickly.

Camsense relies on unique and excellent technical solutions, at the same time, Camsense has successfully attracted 360 eyes at a lower price of more than 40% of the industry. After 360 reliability and product quality inspection, the final Camsense is killed from the list of suppliers, winning The long-term orders and trust of 360.

As a typical technology company, in the technical development direction, Camsense continues to maintain horizontal and vertical innovation expansion.

In 2018, with the advantages of high reliability, low cost, Camsense X1, CAMSENSE, continuously obtains customer recognition, and successfully converts technology into product advantages in a large number of market applications. Subsequently, Camsense continued to follow the customer feedback and requirements, the design, the product, optimized product design, improve the core algorithm force, and further reduced chip costs.

In 2020, Camsense's second-generation product CAMSENSE X2 launched, the product has improved significantly in terms of performance and volume. To, Increased special designs such as anti-hair winding and improved dust performance, making the product algorithm more in line with the scene situation.

In addition to continuously optimizing iterative core products, as a visual spatial positioning technology provider, Camsense's business sector is also expanding horizontally.

At present, Camsense has also expanded from VR, AR, industrial, medical and other spatial positioning applications. Similarly, the laser radar is a sensor of the ranging positioning, which is also involved in spatial positioning and interaction technology. It is only for different application scenarios, there are different technologies and production paths, such as unmanned automatic driving in the automotive field. And hot, close-range laser radar is more imagination in automatic parking, the front car follows and other application scenarios, "chritopher said.

This integrated technological innovation will also make Camsense stand out in 2021.

Under the 2020 global chip, the entire supply chain of Robots Vacuum is once confusing, and many manufacturers can't take the chips such as semiconductor, resulting in problems with delivery. With independently developed ASIC chips, as well as the superior circle plant, packaging plants, etc., as well as product reliability and process cost advantages, Camsense's supply chain remains stable to meet the large-scale supply of laser radar products in the current environment. The goods, this also means that the supply chain system in the whole industry in 2021 will have a large shuffle, and Camsense will maintain the advantages of the supply chain advantage outside the technology, products, and stand out from it, seize more market share.

▍ Future of Expanding

After obtaining capital multi-faceted recognition, Chritopher revealed that Camsense's financing funds will be mainly used in two aspects, and on the one hand, it is to improve manufacturing capabilities, and is used for new product development.

Camsense hopes to continuously upgrade the production line's automation capacity, enhance the level improvement and informationization of manufacturing factory, so that the product can achieve larger manufacturing stability, consistency, and reliability, allowing intelligent to production.

For the future technology development direction of Robots Vacuum, Chritopher believes that it is mainly reflected in both perceived ability and cleaning capacity, so Camsense is also in advance. "For example, the Robots Vacuum will have more perceptual sensors, and the decision system is on the cloud, so that the perceived ability will continue to improve, and can avoid some obstacles in the family, and it is more intelligent, and it is more intelligent. The improvement, no longer needed to check the shortage. In this year, Camsense will have two new products, mainly for robots to give navigation this new field, hoping that these two products can lead the company to go Higher height, a larger customer service, we look forward to these two new products. "ChritoPher is full of confidence in the future.


What's in Camsense to make it become the Capital's Choice?


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