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CY Zone Release | Camsense Winning over RMB 23 million B+ Financing

On April 25th, Shenzhen Camsense Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Camsense") announced completing B+ financing, this is the second financing of only three months after the year, after the end of the year.

Camsense official data shows that the financing amount is nearly 100 million yuan, the smart interconnected industry fund lead, the former Haijia Fund, the Central Plains Fund, the old shareholder Eastern Fuhai.

"In the future, this fund will be used in the construction of new product research and development and automation production line of Robots Vacuum sensors and recruitment; at the same time in VR, industrial / medical fields, it will continue to invest in R & D fees to continue to improve our core technology. Barriers. "Chritopher, The Founder & CEO of Camsense told reporters.

As early as Camsense was created in 2014, the company landed a single-grade space positioning technology and VR human machine interaction scene, Skyworth, Hisense, Konka, and heavenly heavens in the day of the Camsense customer. But as the life is getting faster and faster, the TV boot time is gradually reduced, and the additional business ceiling of the TV will be getting lower. So the TV airport scene is no longer the best way to fall. The single-grade space positioning technique also landed in the VR field to provide human-computer interaction equipment, but the VR field has begun to have a large paragraph of ice. This is a biggest pressure for the VR industry.

In April 2017, Camsense learned the laser radar ranging from home Robots Vacuum, which can be implemented by computer visual spatial positioning. At the same time, it was found that the laser radar used in the market was produced by comparing traditional expensive solutions. Chritopher's horizontal comparison of Camsense has accumulated, Camsense's monocular structure light technology, is fully effective in achieving the effects of traditional computer visual programs. After 5 months of market research, Camsense finally turned the main business to the consumer-grade laser radar, using its own technical advantages, the technology route of Sensor + self-developed ASIC chip, in 2018, double eleven, official production The first batch of laser radar products were shipped, and the market was quickly opened with high price ratio. Up to now, Camsense has sold over million laser radar Camsense X series products, Nissan can reach 20,000 units.

It is understood that Camsense innovation technology route, not only from technology to solve product cost, stability and reliability, post-production line assembly, etc., more amazing competitive barriers in the current "reflex".

Talking about the product in terms of product, how to solve the pain points of "cost high" in laser radar. Chritopher introduces the road, first in the sensor chip level, Camsense uses the consumer-level matrix Sensor to replace industrial grade linear Sensor. They transformed a large number of shots on mobile phones and PCs through algorithms. On the basis of increasing cost, they replaced the original expensive, industrial-grade chip, which will be used for laser radar. The vertical field of the SENSOR in the plane can reach 30 ° -40 °, which also makes the later assembled industrial process simpler and fast.

On the other hand, the DSP chip. Prior to this, the industry commonly used DSP prices were expensive, and there were very powerful features, but there were many redundant functions in high-precision positioning schemes, so Camsense was independently developed, designed and streameded a dedicated ASIC chip. The resources, performance, etc. of the chip are tailored for this area, which achieves optimized configuration, no extra waste. Based on this, Camsense also has a cost advantage on a dedicated processor chip, which can reduce the chip of more than a dozen dollars to several dollars.

"This year's supply chain market will be another round of collaboration after the epidemic, and the entire market market will experience a round of shuffling, and our original technical solution is Camsense in this round of competition. The winning method of the midst of the game. "Chritopher told reporters. From 2020, the "defective core", which has already produced substantial impact on most companies, can't buy chips, raw materials, etc. In the consumer laser radar industry in Camsense, all companies have all companies are competing for the unique two companies (due to their technical solutions, the supply of core components is only one or two The company is available). On the other hand, the corner Sensor used in Camsense does not compete with the peers, and the market supply resources are sufficient; on the other hand, the advance pre-judgment of the previous management is expected to remove a large amount of ASIC chip orders under the wafer factory, locked a few Hundreds of wafers. Double insurance, let Camsense become a large number of supplies that can be largely supplied to laser radar products in the supply chain.

It is reported that Camsense has reached 50 million yuan in 2020. Talking about the profit model, Chritopher said that Camsense uses the most typical IT industry's business model - direct sales mode. For the promotion model, you will be promoted, and the customer is passed.

At present, Camsense has been established, and the team has reached more than 100 people, including 70% of the R & D team, mainly from artificial intelligence algorithms, optical, industrial manufacturing. CAMSENSE founder and CEOCHRITOPHER, graduated from the computer vision of Tsinghua University, who worked in the Chicago Bell Laboratory, in the field of computer visual space and human machine interaction, with more than ten years.

During 2016 to 2019, Camsense won the investment in Eastern Fuhai. Eastern Fuhai said that "Since the beginning of Camsense in 2016, the Oriental Fuhai continues to increase, plus the total investment of Camsense5 rounds. 5 years, Camsense has become a Robots Vacuum laser radar lead supplier company, product performance has been widely available Accreditation, single month shipments exceeded 100,000 units. We believe that Camsense is only the success of the company's large-scale development in the Robots Vacuum laser radar, and is full of confidence in the company's head full stack provider. "


CY Zone Release | Camsense Winning over RMB 23 million B+ Financing


36kr Release | Camsense Completing B+ Financing


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