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Camsense was selected into the list of national SRDI "small giant" enterprises

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of the fourth batch of enterprises selected as SRDI "small giants", A total of 276 enterprises in Shenzhen passed the audit. Among them, Camsense is listed with its scientific research and innovation achievements in the field of high-precision positioning technology.


SRDI(SpecializedRefinementDifferentialInnovation) small and medium-sized enterprises are the key carriers to implement the national innovation driven strategy. The SRDI "small giant" enterprises are the best among them. They are the leading enterprises that focus on market segmentation, have strong innovation ability, have high market share, master key core technologies and with excellent quality and efficiency.


Since its establishment, Camsense has been committed to the research and development of high-precision positioning vision sensors. Based on its long-term deep cultivation in optical design, chip research and development, algorithm data processing and other fields, Camsense has formed a profound technical accumulation in the field of visual spatial positioning. At present, the laser radar independently developed and produced by Camsense has been recognized by the mainstream customers in the sweeper industry including Roborock, MI and Dreame, and has become a leading supplier; In the VR field, Camsense’ monocular vision 6DOF VR handle positioning technology ranks at the forefront of the industry. After winning the global technology license of Qualcomm XR2 platform last year, Camsense' XR business also ushered in new growth this year which has provided overall solutions for several well-known customers in XR industry; In the field of industrial measurement, Camsense' high-precision positioning system has also reached cooperation with customers such as CTI and Midea.


Go steady and make progress. On the way to becoming the "world's leading provider of visual space positioning technology products", Camsense will continue to adhere to the enterprise mission of "focusing on customer needs, providing competitive products and services, and creating maximum value for customers", Promoting industry first with innovative technology and concepts, and continue to play a active role in accelerating the transformation of innovative achievements.


Camsense was selected into the list of national SRDI "small giant" enterprises


Camsense won the Top50 list of "2022 i Dark Horse Competition" of summer competition


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