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Camsense Bringing Mobile Robots to CES

On January 8, the CES exhibition officially kicked off in Las Vegas, USA. CES, as the world's largest and most influential consumer electronics and home appliance product exhibition, has gone through 52 years, and now it has become a holy place of worship for global technology enthusiasts. Many manufacturers brought a large number of new technologies and new products to the exhibition, witnessing With the development footprint of global electronic technology.

CES's Eureka Park start-up area brings together the latest and most interesting technology products from around the world. There is real cutting-edge technology here, and it has always been the stage for the debut of new products and new technologies in the technology world every year.

Camsense brought LiDAR SLAM, a one-stop solution for mobile robots, and attracted attention from all walks of life. Camsense successfully appeared here after several months of qualification review, which is not only an affirmation of its own strength, but also expected to become a new vane in the field of artificial intelligence.

▲LiDAR SLAM 解决方案

01 Breakthrough and distance

Mass production is not a purpose, but a trend

In recent years, the cost of artificial intelligence has been unrealistically high. One of the reasons for the current situation in China is the lack of synchronization in technical strength, the long-term monopoly of foreign countries, and the domestic dependence on imports. Second, because of the lack of commercial landing capabilities, new domestic technologies have been developed. Even if they meet the import substitution standard, they still cannot find a breakthrough.

After several years of technological breakthroughs and market direction, Camsense is expected to achieve import substitution in visual space positioning, and widely use its products in many fields such as industry, medical care, robotics, etc., achieve mass production at low cost, and use technical strength to break through distance.

02 Technology and Trends

Embracing the future

As a Chinese brand with complete mobile robot solutions, Camsense is also contributing to the artificial intelligence industry while innovating technology. In the future, artificial intelligence will no longer be an icy tool, but will become a smarter, smarter and more humane intelligent companion.

This exhibition not only shows the strong technical strength of Camsense, but also shows the rise of Chinese brands. It is believed that Camsense can further expand the market through this series of new products, steadily and steadily walk on the road of a new business model combining production and research, and once again "define" artificial intelligence.


Camsense Bringing Mobile Robots to CES


CES's Invitation | Have Fun with Camsense


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