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Camsense Optical Lab Founded

In February 2019, Camsense's optical laboratory was officially established.

▲Camsense Optical Laboratory

The optical laboratory is independently developed and established by Camsense, providing professional research and development and testing places for optical high-precision positioning systems.

The "High-precision Positioning Laboratory" jointly established by Camsense and Tsinghua University is mainly used for algorithms and overall hardware system research and development experiments of sub-millimeter-level large-space positioning systems.

The optical laboratory focuses more on the experiment and verification of more forward-looking optical measurement sensor modules from the perspective of the underlying optics, providing a strong core technology guarantee for the high-precision positioning laboratory. If the high-precision positioning laboratory is a large aircraft manufacturing plant and flight test plant, the optical laboratory is equivalent to a core component production base.

▲Optical laboratory workbench

The laboratory will focus on the research and development of high-precision positioning systems, industrial machine vision technology, and research on high-performance optical measurement sensors. Competitiveness.

To put it simply, in the future, artificial intelligence technologies such as driverless cars, robotics, medical fields, and industrial robots may all make breakthroughs in the laboratory.

【Find a firm route and find a breakthrough】

"Visual positioning is both a trend and a difficulty now. Camsense will continue to research and develop on the road of visual positioning in the future," said Christopher, CEO of Camsense. "In this laboratory, we have talents in machine vision, computer, electronic hardware, etc. Deep integration under the framework of high-precision visual positioning is to do some groundbreaking, subversive, and forward-looking work in machine vision and artificial intelligence research." Camsense already has a number of excellent works, such as Camsense®S , Camsense®M pro, etc., but this is far from enough, just like the contribution of machine vision to artificial intelligence is just the beginning.

[Implementing the policy, integrating production and research]

As a brand enterprise that outputs the core technology of visual positioning, Camsense has been trying more possibilities on the "main theme", which is also the original intention of the establishment of the optical laboratory.

"We can't be obsessed with existing technical achievements, so we are determined to do it." Camsense CEO Christopher said that behind the establishment of the optical laboratory, Camsense has implemented an important measure of integrating production and research. The purpose is to accumulate years of experience in visual positioning and produce significant cutting-edge technological achievements.

In addition, Christopher also said that Camsense's two laboratories will also hold an open attitude to carry out extensive cooperation with enterprises, accelerate the application of major technological achievements, and form a long-term mechanism for win-win cooperation.


Camsense Optical Lab Founded


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