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The industry's First New ASIC Chip Model, Camsense Selected into the KPMG China "Core Technology" Emerging Enterprise 50 List

Recently, at the 3rd China International Import Expo, KPMG China released a list of the 50 cutting-edge enterprises in "Core Technology". Camsense was selected for this list with its profound technical accumulation and excellent market performance.

At this year's CIIE, KPMG conducted professional discussions on topics such as chip technology, smart mobility, and digital supply chain with the theme of "Breaking Through the Unknown and Embracing the Future". With the rapid development of digital information technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and cloud computing, the digital economy has become a new driving force for global economic growth. For this reason, KPMG has launched a series of selections with the theme of "Future 50 List", and used its own Advantageous resources help enterprises carry out technological transformation, upgrading and innovation.

In this award ceremony, Camsense won the first KPMG China "Core Technology" Emerging Enterprise 50 selection. The companies selected in this list are 50 non-listed companies that have made outstanding achievements in the chip field, from 5G communications, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, Internet of Things and other fields. During the selection process of the core technology list, KPMG assembled external experts from various types of institutions such as government, enterprise, academia, research, society and investment, and joined KPMG partners with professional field experience to form a selection committee to visit 300 A number of companies, interviewing executives, and accumulatively 600+ hours of questionnaire survey, comprehensively evaluate the participating companies from the six dimensions of technology, team, product, model, market, and finance, and select 50 high-quality, high-growth start-up companies .

As a vision sensor solution provider, Camsense has been deeply involved in the research and development of monocular vision technology products. In the field of lidar, Camsense has cooperated with 360, Xiaomi, Lenovo and other companies to provide them with the "eyes" required for cleaning robots - Camsense X series lidar products, which are equipped for cleaning robots and various service robots. Provide positioning and navigation capabilities. It has only been 3 years since the product was established, and it has occupied the position of the head supplier of lidar in the field of sweeping robots.

As we all know, developed countries in Europe and the United States started early in the field of lidar, and have already entered the stage of technical practicality from research and development, especially in the field of commercial-grade lidar, but their products are expensive. China's lidar research started late, but it has developed rapidly. It has gradually become the mainstream choice in the market for home service robots. Camsense is targeting this market, using its technological innovation to develop its own ASIC chips for lidar. On the one hand, it greatly reduces the cost and realizes import substitution. On the other hand, it makes lidar module products occupy the commanding heights of key technologies. Completely independent intellectual property rights have laid a solid foundation for it to quickly win a wide market.

It is understood that the ASIC chip developed by Camsense is the first in the industry. Before that, the DSP functions commonly used in the lidar industry are indeed very powerful, but they are expensive, and there are many redundant functions used in high-precision positioning solutions. Camsense saw this market pain point. It independently developed, designed and tape-out a dedicated ASIC chip. The resources and performance of the chip are tailored for the field of sweeping robots. Superfluous waste, while breaking the status quo of being "stuck" by foreign countries, and realizing import substitution.

According to the product manager of Camsense, in addition to lidar, Camsense's products based on monocular vision technology also cover high-precision tracking and positioning systems and VA/AR tracking systems:

The high-precision positioning system Camsnese M Pro, a set of real-time high-performance visual capture and tracking system, can realize real-time accurate motion tracking and pose acquisition of objects in large indoor spaces, and can be used to detect robots on the ground or in the air in six degrees of freedom. Position and attitude in space, and provide measurement data of key indicators such as coverage.

The VA/AR tracking system Camsense XR provides VR/AR monocular vision 6-DOF interaction technology with independent intellectual property rights. At present, the only companies in the world that can provide inside-out 6 degrees of freedom (6DOF) monocular vision interaction technology are Oculus and Microsoft. Our company is the first domestic VR/AR monocular vision 6DOF interaction technology that can provide independent intellectual property rights. company.

Although 2020 is a very special year and faces many challenges, Camsense will work with its peers to promote the growth of the industry and make domestic products catch up with the world as soon as possible.


The industry's First New ASIC Chip Model, Camsense Selected into the KPMG China "Core Technology" Emerging Enterprise 50 List


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