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Camsense LiDAR Becoming a Common Choice for New Vacuum Robots

Recently, the latest product of Dreame, a well-known brand in the sweeping robot industry, officially launched the W10 mopping robot. This is the new model that Dreame re-launched after a month of L10 Plus just launched last month.

Dreame W10 has broken through the technical barriers, integrating sweeping, mopping, washing and drying. It has 8 high-pressure water outlets, which can quickly wet the mop, 80 raised particles for strong rubbing, and 360° high-speed rotation to accelerate drying, all of which can make the mop more thorough and clean.

The launch of two new sweeping robots within a month proves Dreame's new product development capabilities in the field of sweeping robots, and also witnesses the continuous evolution of its technological innovation capabilities. As an upstream supplier of Dreame, Camsense's LiDAR CamsenseX1 series products have also become the common choice for many of Dreame's sweeping robots due to their stable performance and product expressiveness.

*The picture is from the Dreame W10 product details page

Lidar is becoming the mainstream of the sweeper industry

In the design of sensor positioning technology for sweeping robots, lidar is occupying the mainstream position of sweeping robot technology, and has gradually become the industry-recognized optimal match.

Compared with other modes, lidar has higher recognition accuracy and faster feedback speed, and can make more accurate obstacle avoidance. As the standard core sensor of the sweeping robot, lidar lights up the "eyes" of the sweeping robot. By assembling the lidar sensor, the sweeping robot can monitor the surrounding environment in real time, process the data obtained by the lidar sensor through the SLAM algorithm (instant navigation and map construction), and construct a map. Based on the environment map, the sweeping robot can realize the global path planning. .

As a supplier of sweeping robot lidar, Camsense has been deeply involved in this road for many years. Through innovation in technology and algorithm, we have created the industry-leading technology route of "consumer-level area array Sensor+ASIC chip", that is, the core algorithm is hard-core integrated into the self-developed ASIC chip, and then sold as a whole module. This highly integrated business model has built a very high technical barrier for Camsense, and at the same time, with the help of the patent system, it has formed its own technical moat. With this comprehensive solution, Camsense has leapt into the ranks of the industry's leading suppliers.

A more advantageous technology carrying route

Compared with other technical modes, Camsense's area array Sensor plus self-developed design ASIC chip is obviously more advantageous.

On the one hand, equipped with Camsense LiDAR can make the sweeper resistant to harsh environments such as drop, movement, high and low temperature, and improve product reliability; in terms of versatility, through the device of self-developed chips, Camsense does things such as frame rate for the field of sweeping robots. , resolution, precision and other customized designs, so that the sweeper can be quickly applied to different fields and scenarios, making its use flexibility to a new level.

On the other hand, the reduction in cost also lowers the threshold of available standards for the industry. The ASIC chips installed in the Camsense X1 series products are self-developed and self-produced by Camsense, which ensures quality control in all aspects of production control, and controls chip costs from the source of production.

In fact, Camsense lidar technology has brought far more than performance improvements to sweeping robots and even service robots. The continuous breakthrough of technology and the continuous optimization of products have also accelerated the consumption and popularization of the entire service robot at another level. Really available to more people.


Camsense LiDAR Becoming a Common Choice for New Vacuum Robots


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