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From QVOD to AI,Wang Xin Becoming Camsense's Shareholder

Does the situation make the hero, or does the hero make the situation?


In 2007, Wang Xin established QVOD with trans-era significance in Shenzhen. In the past year, QVOD's users have exceeded 15 million. In the following years, Kuai Broadcasting has become a veritable industry hegemon by throwing aside all its opponents with a stance.

QVOD was the best player at the time.

QVOD was the first company to take p2p technology to the extreme at that time. The p2p technology we are now familiar with was as early as 2007, and Wang Xin used it to bring users the ultimate user experience of watching while watching. Second, QVOD is inherently open. First, the search algorithm is open, there are not too many restrictive instructions, and the resources are powerful; the second is that users can directly use QVOD to play torrent files, and the compatibility is swept away by other opponents at that time. Thirdly, Wang Xin, who was a product manager, played tricks in functional development. In the era when smartphones were not yet popular, and Kuaishou and Douyin were not yet available, QVOD developed the function of video editing in 2008.

By 2009, QVOD had several contracts with tens of millions in hand. At that time, everyone was thinking about when QVOD would go to the United States to ring the bell.


The origin of QVOD and Camsense is because Camsense and Wang Xin's QVOD both wanted to make a fuss about the TV ecology at the time. Wang Xin, who is a product manager, always sees it better than others. He also knows the advantages and disadvantages of QVOD. Starting his layout in the TV industry ecology is more like a transformation.

As early as 2009, Wang Xin made a box that can transmit high-definition movies on the Internet to the TV. However, due to the constraints of the environment at the time, Wang Xin could only dispel the idea of showing his talents on the box.

When the time is ripe in 2014, the QVOD large screen division hopes to establish a living room entertainment ecosystem through the QVOD box, and use this series of big moves. Camsense provides technology, while Wang Xin has his "box dream".


Only half a year has passed, but it has become empty.

Wang Xin foresaw the development trend of technology and people's lifestyle too early. For the right product made at the wrong time, what the market returned to him was only sadness.

No matter what the reason was that destroyed QVOD, it was like a heavy blow to the video industry at that time. After the reshuffle, Wang Xin was destined to never go back. In the same night, Camsense's greenhouse was also broken, caught by surprise, and had to experience several sleepless nights.


In the 3 years he lost, the 020 bubble disappeared, the P2P wars burned out, the live broadcast war was coming to an end, and the sharing industry was exhausted...

In 2018, three years later, Wang Xin met with many people before, and shared a lot of rivers and lakes and past events. Wang Xin's usual forward-thinking was just as usual. Among the many topics discussed, in addition to the video of the old business, Wang Xin mainly took a fancy to AI and blockchain, which were in the limelight. The point of this era is not to see the direction clearly, but to grasp the direction?

He Xiaopeng, chairman of Xiaopeng Motors, said on Weibo: In the near future, there will be the next legendary story of Master Wang in the arena.


In September 2018, Wang Xin posted such an article on Weibo, and netizens commented on whether Wang Xin's first battlefield after his comeback was in the sweeping robot industry. This seems to be a foresight. In October 2018, Ms. Peng Peng, Wang Xin's wife, officially became the fourth largest shareholder of Camsense.

▲Enterprise publicity

After thousands of sails have passed, Camsense has also become a core hot enterprise in the AI industry. With the deepening and iteration of core visual positioning technology, and the continuous innovation and breakthrough in accuracy, Christopher also makes Camsense in robots, drones, industrial testing, medical treatment, etc. Take off in many AI scenarios. Time seems to have returned to the moment 4 years ago, when Camsense and Wang Xin walked together.

No matter how the future develops, AI or blockchain, or AI + blockchain, Wang Xin is always a person worth looking forward to. From the past to the future, he will always be ahead of the times. For the first person who dares to eat crabs, the market returns will not always be unsatisfactory.

Foresight of products and decisiveness of technology, Wang Xin has never gone far in all aspects. He is still him, a product manager who puts user experience first.

Objectively speaking, he is a person who can make good things.


From QVOD to AI,Wang Xin Becoming Camsense's Shareholder


Camsense Winning "The Star of Tomorrow"


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