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Camsense's Newest Production Line Goes into Operation

The lidar production workshop of Shenzhen Camsense Co., Ltd. is quite overwhelmed. After the resumption of work due to the epidemic, the first-phase production workshop has been at full capacity. At the same time, the infrastructure construction of the second-phase workshop and the installation of new production line equipment have also been completed. The person in charge of the company's supply chain told reporters that the new equipment in the second-phase workshop has now been put into use, and the production line has also completed several trial productions. The second-phase workshop was officially put into mass production in August. So far, the company's monthly production capacity has tripled.

A new situation in the changing situation: orders surged in the second half of the year

In recent years, with the continuous growth of the sweeping robot market, this field has become a cake that many companies are competing for. Among them, lidar is the core of the industrial chain. "With the development of industry technology and the continuous popularity of the sweeping robot market, we expect that the market demand for lidar will continue to grow significantly this year." Christopher, the company's founder, told reporters, "Although affected by the epidemic, the entire industry shipped in the first half of the year. However, the demand has only been delayed and will not disappear. Judging from the development law of the industry and the market, the shipments of lidar will increase sharply in the second half of the year, so we will start to prepare for the construction after the resumption of work due to the epidemic. The second phase of the production line.”

What is the confidence to expand so much production capacity at once? Christopher told reporters that, unlike other products of the same type on the market, Camsense has taken a differentiated development route from the very beginning. The product is mainly based on the technical route of self-developed ASIC chip + area array sensor, which is different from the industrial-grade linearity adopted by other manufacturers. Sensor and DSP chips and other solutions, Camsense's products have outstanding advantages in reliability, price, intellectual property and other aspects. "Last year, we shipped nearly 200,000 lidar module products. This year, many home appliance giants and sweeping robot head companies have reached cooperation with us. This year, the total shipment volume is expected to exceed one million units."

Production line: "non-stop" in two shifts 24 hours a day

In order to fully guarantee the supply, Camsense's two production lines have entered a state of "combat readiness". "Although it has been estimated that the number of orders in the second half of the year will increase significantly, the customer's demand for shipments in the past two months is particularly high. Therefore, starting from the end of August, we have started a two-shift mode on two production lines to reduce production capacity within Double the existing basis, which is equivalent to six times the original production capacity. At the same time, in order to meet the development needs of the market and the company, we are also simultaneously building a third production line to further expand production capacity." Responsible for the supply chain People say this about the huge production demand of the current production line.

An employee of Camsense's first production line told reporters that during the two-shift production, none of the workers in the workshop took a break. During the busiest time, they worked more than 15 or 6 hours a day. When I get busy, I sometimes live in the dormitory at night. When the production line managers are busy, they are on the production line for 48 hours.

At present, all the employees and managers of the Camsense production line are working at full capacity to complete the order production with high quality and quantity. At the same time, it will continue to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of product production equipment to lay a solid production foundation for the strong market demand.


Camsense's Newest Production Line Goes into Operation


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