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The Robots Vacuum Market is about to Boom

Robots Vacuum, a high-tech small home appliance track. The development of its products, from random to overall planning products, the "usable" sweeper has entered a new stage of "easy to use", but the products of the unplanned and random era have left consumers with "unpractical and bad". With the "impression", the emergence of the global planning product has raised the practical performance and user experience of Robots Vacuum to a new level. Since the development of Robots Vacuum, many criticized "slots" have been well resolved, and the functions can meet basic cleaning needs. However, at this stage, the ability to avoid obstacles and get out of trouble still needs to be further improved, and it is far from the ideal "easy to use". There are still gaps in the stages. Industry technological advancements that can be expected in the future include, but are not limited to, suction enhancement and body compression brought about by increased battery density or capacity, laser navigation combined with visual navigation to improve navigation efficiency, computing power improvements brought by stronger chips, and the combination of AI. The technology further optimizes the algorithm and so on.

The main driving force for industry breakthroughs lies in the supply side. Consumers have always demanded automatic cleaning, and the existing products are still not perfect. Every technological upgrade is often an important turning point for the industry to break through. Technological innovation in the Robots Vacuum industry, in particular, requires companies to have a comprehensive view of the overall situation, a sense of responsibility to consumers, and system support. Whoever can solve the user's pain points first is likely to take the lead in the domestic Robots Vacuum market. Lidar is called the "eye" of Robots Vacuum and is an extremely critical component, which requires higher requirements. It is reported that the miniaturized LiDAR Camsense X2 launched by Camsense a few days ago has precisely grasped the needs of Robots Vacuum for the miniaturization of the fuselage in the industry, miniaturized the components of the core navigation and ranging, and swept the floor with the extension and breakthrough of technology. The key to the pulse of the machine industry.

The development of all product is inseparable from technological innovation, especially lidar. At present, most of the lidars used by Robots Vacuum use slip rings to supply power and communication to the rotating body, but the life of the slip rings is relatively short, only about 1000 hours, so the life of the entire lidar is affected. Camsense adopts the wireless power supply method in the new Camsense X2, and its lifespan will be as long as 3-5 years, which is enough to meet the replacement frequency of small household appliances in a family, which provides the core support for the end products of Robots Vacuum manufacturers.

The products in the sweeper market continue to evolve. From sweeping, mopping, to washing, the technology evolves, and consumer demand is constantly improving and evolving, which will directly promote the market’s continuous innovation in intelligent and cleaning models, showing popularity type products, the market has room for further detonation. Market winners are never a behemoth built up through gradual growth, but major brands rely on their respective advantages to form an ecological chain. As an active promoter of industry innovation, Camsense will help the sweeper industry realize the innovative development of Robots Vacuum's core drive technology in terms of lidar supply.


The Robots Vacuum Market is about to Boom


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