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Camsense Releasing Industry's First Close-Range Millimeter-Level Positioning Accuracy dToF Lidar

On September 15, 2021, Camsense held the "New Product Launch and LiDAR Technology Evolution Exchange Conference" with the theme of "Integration, Innovation, Development" at the Sheraton Greater China Hotel, and officially released the company's new dToF LiDAR "Camsense T3". "The product, all-round, multi-level and three-dimensional, shows the company's latest research results based on the field of lidar. Nearly 100 customers and guests from the sweeper industry, partners and representatives of relevant enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the sweeper industry chain attended and witnessed the conference.

At present, the global economy is accelerating towards a digital era led by cross-border integration, system innovation, and intelligence. A new round of technologies represented by lidar is triggering industrial transformation. Camsense's COO Xu Gang said in his opening speech that this conference is not only to further catalyze all parties in the industry to accelerate the breaking of application barriers, realize cross-border and cross-domain integration, and promote the healthy and upward development of the industry, but also for the sweeper industry. Partners provide a platform for technical exchanges, jointly broaden the road of industrial development, and promote industrial collaboration from business opening to ecological co-creation.

Camsense's COO  Xu Gang

Subsequently, Christopher, the CEO of Camsense, officially unveiled the mystery of "Camsense T3 dToF Laser Ranging Radar", the protagonist of this conference. He introduced at the scene that Camsense T3 is a new generation of dToF lidar solution launched by Camsense for many years. Its biggest feature is that it can achieve short-range millimeter-level positioning accuracy, and the distance measurement within 0.6m can reach mm-level accuracy. Compared with the same type of consumer-grade ToF radar currently on the market, the T3's short-range ranging accuracy has increased by 80%, which is a great improvement. close-range error problem. Outstanding ranging performance and a data sampling rate of 3400 frames make the T3 more accurate in ranging performance in the space environment, and the environmental perception ability is further improved.

Camsense's CEO Christopher

In addition to performance, Camsense has also worked hard on the appearance of the T3. It is not only smaller, but also has IPX4 waterproofing. This change undoubtedly opens up more usability ideas for the product in appearance design and scene application. It also lays a solid foundation for the follow-up products to provide more cost-effective intelligent services.

On the conference, a series of sharing discussions on the core technology and application of sweepers were also held at the event site. Many industry leaders took the stage to share their achievements and research results in the related fields of sweepers.

The technical sharing full of dry goods not only gave the guests and peers a deeper understanding of the production and application of sweepers, but also pointed out the direction for the future development of the entire industry.

On the innovation track of lidar, Camsense has been leading, exploring and breaking through the routine. Thanks to the long-term accumulation of optical design, chip research and development, data processing and other links in the field of spatial vision positioning, Camsense has become a leading enterprise in this industry chain. The high-quality product development capabilities and stable mass production capabilities have enabled Camsense to gain the favor and recognition of many mainstream corporate customers in the sweeper industry, and its development momentum has been improving.

With the continuous innovation of technology and the continuous implementation of industrial applications, lidar suppliers represented by Camsense are leading a new round of industrial transformation in the sweeper industry. The company will also continue to upgrade its industrial structure and business model iteration through continuous and rapid development. Bring more high-quality visual positioning technology products to more partners, and boost the whole industry to rejuvenate in the 5G era.


Camsense Releasing Industry's First Close-Range Millimeter-Level Positioning Accuracy dToF Lidar


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